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Sick of  one minute you feeling like you’re hot shit...

 ...& the next it’s back to broke as a joke? 

Tired of doing the cha-cha slide with your bank transfers? 

Feeling your tummy turn at the credit card bill

That unexpected car thing that must be fixed NOW

Or being invited on YET another magical vacay/retreat/destination wedding–that you have to turn down?


Have you been laying wide awake in bed, looking like the math lady meme, even if you KNOW you’ll be alright at the end of the day?

tumblr_m25to6KuDX1rttcyso1_400 (1).gif

Fed up with feeling like there’s a wall between you + the FEELING of financial freedom + the cash money to back it up.



You’re so done with…

checking your bank account or investments feels like Vegas slot machine every time 🙃

the money you DO bring in evaporating before it even hits the bank 😅

acting like you’re still broke (even though you’re not)?




I was this person.

The “I already ate, I’ll just have water” person. The work-study kid. 


The struggling, hustle for the next $25 entrepreneur. The “I had a credit card and didn’t even know what interest was” lady.


Now, I own a 6+ figure online coaching business

My credit cards stay paid off

I crowdfunded $10k to start my oracle card business

I make more money than I ever have, I work less than I ever have

I’ve raised my credit score almost 200 points

I feel AMAZING when I invest in myself, pay my team, hire support, give abundantly to organizations


I love, cover the dinner tab, save for retirement, treat my hubby, + more. 

I've come a long way, loves.

I’m here to show you there’s a better way.

and it’s DEFINITELY not coming from some old crusty white finance guy who’s going to tell you never to buy lattes 😤 or the reason you’re not financially free is avocado toast 🙄


There’s a simple set of tools you can use

Daily, for a few minutes,

Whether you’re desiring $5k or $500k

No matter HOW long you’ve been stuck in scarcity. 

You crave the energy work AND the practical, step-by-step support.

You know you learn better in a community of people who are walking alongside you! 

You desire the perfect blend of live modules, live coaching, + pre-recorded bonuses, with guest experts who are CPA’s + bookkeeping experts, to boot!


Abundance Mindset Mastery is my 6-week course designed to rocket-launch you into your next level of abundance + finally bust through the subconscious scarcity blocks that held you back for years.  


First, we re-write your old money stories + do the deep subconscious work to write a new one, your way. Shed years of scarcity + build new beliefs for yourself.


Then, we learn how to call in cash + manifest money in an easy, everyday kind of way. 


Next, we dig into the richuals that turn manifesting into your LIFESTYLE, who you are.


Finally, we create your legacy of financial freedom for you, your family, your community, and the world.

...and finally own your worth, your desires, + dreams of being financially independent, empowered, + free.

This is for you if you're ready to be a "pay in full,” “I want it, I got it,” kind of person...

...doing work that feels like the finale to a fireworks show ✨ “pinch me, this is my actually job?!” kind of way 🙏🏼

...making that deep-in-your-bones, soul’s calling, “I’m forever changed” kind of impact 🙌🏼

This is for you if you're ready to receive more money...

...and *actually* let the Universe abundantly support + provide for you.

This is for you if you're ready to receive abundance in ways you've never dreamed of...

...and START feeling way more like your soulmate 

 This is for you if you’re ready for your relationship with money to STOP feeling like that toxic ex you broke up with 4 times in college...

It’s time to OWN your desires


Take charge of your money


Get your mindset right


So you never have to worry about money again


I created Abundance Mindset Mastery for you to finally drop your limiting beliefs like they’re HOT + step boldly into your “I’ll get the tab,” fly AF,  most abundant, financially-free future… for you, for your family, community, and the world.

Here's what you get

4 pre-recorded hour long masterclasses + workbooks

($900 VALUE)

2 LIVE calls PLUS a kickoff call

($500 VALUE)

Unlimited access to recordings + FOREVER updates to the course


Weekly meditations + hypnosis tracks to unblock your subconscious once and for all

($200 VALUE)

Guest expert LIVE session: Meera, certified financial planner

($250 VALUE)

Guest expert pre-recorded session: CPA + Conscious Money Guide with Rana Wilson

($250 VALUE)

Guest expert pre-recorded session with certified money coach, Laura Corson

($250 VALUE)

Guest expert pre-recorded session: Q&A with my virtual CFO book keeping bestie, accounting QUEEN Stevie Jones


Guest expert pre-recorded session: Intuitive Investing with coach Laura Kerr

($350 VALUE)

Abundance budgeting templates

($75 VALUE)

BONUS pre-recorded module: Ditching Doubt + Debt

($250 VALUE)

BONUS pre-recorded module: OVERFLOW

($250 VALUE)


$3,375 VALUE

But I'm not charging you that. I get that you're here because money has felt like a struggle. Because even when you DO have enough, you feel like you could lose it all.

You can secure your spot in Abundance Mindset Mastery for 1 payment of $997

Ready to do the damn thing?

This course will never be priced this low again -
So run, don't walk to that shopping cart, y'all.

Looking for a payment plan?

You can sign up for 9 payments of $111 HERE


Abundance mindset mastery really helped me become aware of what was holding me back from the lifestyle I deserve. It brought up my shadows and gave me tangible tools that I could easily integrate. I also loved the immense support I felt throughout the program.

Story Highlight

I had never done anything like this, and had never heard of abundance mindset until I saw Anna’s post about her masterclass. I watched a free masterclass and was super intrigued to learn more. I reached out and talked to her about my questions and concerns.


Literally days after telling her I wasn’t sure I got a $400 refund from school deposited in my account that was unexpected. I took this as my sign to take the leap of faith, and I am so glad I did.


Since starting Abundance Mindset, I have had a random check in the mail for over paying on our equity last year & I had my best month in business in my side hustle where I earned not one but TWO bonuses! Also won $300 worth of free makeup from a Facebook party I decided to do for a girl I met on Instagram!


I have learned so much from Anna & am so excited to rewatch all the videos and listen to the hypnosis tracks over and over again to dig even further into Abundance Mindset!!


– Mercedes

We've Got ICONIC Guest Experts!


Stevie Jones

Balanced by Stevie

My bff + virtual CFO Stevie, who was the accounting specialist for a BILLION dollar global company. 🤑

Teaching “Intro to Business Finances” pre-recorded module.

laura corson living wild co.JPG

Laura Corson

My dear friend Laura, certified money coach, who paid down $25k in debt in 18 months.

Teaching “Personal Finances”


If I can’t make a call, will they  be recorded?

Yes! Every single one. 


Do I have access to the calls forever?

You get lifetime access to all recordings, workbooks, meditations, and hypnosis tracks. Plus any bonuses, you’ll get access to. 


What do you guarantee?

I guarantee that you will learn how to rewire your subconscious mind, how to attune yourself to abundance, how to create your abundance practices + weave them into your everyday life. I guarantee you’ll have abundant resources, tools, and support. I guarantee I’ll walk alongside you, and that you can use these tools and this process for a lifetime! 


Do you offer refunds?

I don’t, and no one has ever asked for one! 

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