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6 Ways to Befriend your Mind, Body, + Soul

Come on, are you serious?!

You left your keys in the car AGAIN?!

You said WHAT in that interview?!

You missed your workout?!

You fucking idiot!

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we talk to ourselves all day long. And quite often, our words sound a lot more like a harass critic or drill sergeant than a loving friend.

The word be-friend is the act of supporting, encouraging, and uplifting a friend. But have you ever tried to befriend yourself?

1. Write yourself a love letter.

This is a surprisingly challenging task. Pen a letter to yourself describing all the things you love about your body, mind, and soul.

2. Take yourself on a date, adventure, or special outing—-treat yo’self!

Imagine that your were treating a friend to her birthday; the special occasion is why the fuck not, and you are ALIVE!

3. Schedule your “me time.”

This one is a little less sexy, but for me, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it probably doesn’t happen. Block off a few hours (AT LEAST) each week just for you, yourself, and you.

4. Jot down your self talk.

Notice how you tend to speak to yourself, and if it needs amending, write that new story. If you tell yourself every day that you’re a broke, lonely disappointment, try something new on for size.

5. Acknowledge yourself for small wins, progress, OR just simply something you’ve been wanting to be acknowledged for.

Yep—that insanely pristine PowerPoint, your on-point outfit, or your forgiveness of the jerk (jk probably lovely human being) that accidentally scratched your car. Acknowledge yourself in writing, and out loud, in the mirror. Look yourself in the eye!

6. Tell your body you love it!

In self-massage, dry brushing, face mask, hair mask, or a lil self-loving, let your body know how much you love and appreciate that it’s YOUR unique vessel for this time on earth.

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