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Spiritual Life Coach


About Section

Are you a woman with a little woo?

I hear you, boo.


You’ve been through it: anxiety, chronic pain or autoimmune disorders, sexual trauma, depression….or maybe a little bit of all it.


Now, you’re ready

to expand.

You’re done avoiding anxious thoughts; you’re ready to manifest miracles.

Maybe, you’ve ditched the toxic exes: now, you’re ready for the soulmate you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ve searched + searched, + finally found your purpose; you’re ready to share it with the world!

That’s where I come in. When my clients come to me, there’s a lot going right for them…. and they know if they want to truly DESIGN their dreamiest, most soulful, sumptuous life, they’ve gotta get support 😉


With my heaven meets earth approach, my clients find their hearts opening, their bank accounts growing, & their passions on fire!


Here’s how it works

We build a roadmap to sustainable transformation


I get to know you, your natal chart, your soul values, + old BS (belief systems) that have held you back.


We rewire, reprogram, + reinforce new beliefs to free your mind.


We create a wellness routine that leaves you showing up fully + feeling vital + vibrant on the daily!


We implement the spiritual practices that empower you to master your energy, anytime, anywhere.

When VIPs sign on again + again, we up-level. These babes have created their OWN businesses, healed diseases (for real), + transformed their families.


In addition to hundreds of hours of training in meditation, yoga, intuitive connection, and a Master's degree, I am committed to continual growth. 

I receive coaching from a spiritual mentor, a business mentor, and take courses to learn all I can to support my ever-transforming clients!

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“She's taught me to love + forgive myself + how to be happy. If you ever need a meditation teacher or life guidance, contact Anna.”

Lyssa, a VIP Client

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