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Imagine that your spiritual fairy godmother made pop music to activate your highest self:

that’s Anna Cantwell.

Anna grew tired of the popular radio waves being used to brainwash the masses to get blackout drunk and decided to turn this formula on its head and take on the music industry at their own game.


She creates shimmery, pop-filled music that radiates positive energy and brims with empowering messages. From lo-fi affirmations and mantra pop songs, to windows down, sing-along jams, her tracks are a spoonful of sugar with tropical, psychedelic, reggae-inspired touch.

Jam her latest collection of spiritual bops “333” out on 3.30.24. 

Anna released her debut EP “Spirit Guide” - Mantra Songs,

and her High-Vibe Lo-Fi EP “flow” in the Summer of 2023.

Want more Anna?

Catch her live sets Summer of 2024 on the festival circuit at Sangha Fest, Breathe Fest, Porchfest, and others.

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