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Welcome to your unique soul blueprint! I'll dive deep into your natal chart (astrology), your Human Design, your numerology, and your Gene Keys in this juicy 2-hour video session. Best of all, you'll get a personalized action plan + key takeaways on how to live into your soul blueprint and apply all the self-knowledge to your daily living! Includes 2-hour session (recording available), PDF of your insights + takeaways, and action plan to implement all you've discovered.

for the spiritual woman who is ready to learn life-changing insights about herself, business, + relationships


finally APPLY all that beautiful human design, astrology stuff she's always reading about

Who is this for?

The Soul Blueprint session with Anna is one of the best one-time investments you can make as an entrepreneur!

Sydney C.

My Soul Blueprint session with Anna provided me with so much juicy insight and validation. I have never felt so reassured and aligned with my path. I think everyone should make this investment.

Haley C.

I HIGHLY recommend doing a Soul Blueprint with Anna if you are looking for a deep dive into all things YOU. Not only was it helpful for how I show up in my business, but it was hugely eye-opening and informative for my relationship and personal life.

Sarah H.

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