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Soul Shine


Calling all spiritual women: it’s time to OOZE confidence, OWN your power + totally TRUST your magic 

I see you, lil miss sort of bold 🙃

Only ever asking for about 40% of what you ACTUALLY deeply desire.

Scared to make a splash, when you were meant to make a MASSIVE impact? 

Living the life you were taught to live (instead of the one you actually desire)


I feel you, trying to hold it together + please everyone 😬

Suppressing your rage + resentment, not wanting to rock the boat

Or getting overwhelmed with finding time in your day for ALL THE meditating, tapping, journaling, etc 

When deep down, you’re ready to heal deeply + fuck shit up!

Craving surrender and simultaneously the deliciousness of waking up to your own POWER.


I hear you, going it alone (again), rejecting support 

When you ache for the sweet salve of sisterhood, of being heard, in all of your fullness and messiness at the soul-level, 

Denying your incredibly intuitive, sensual, and spiritual voice,

And just how much you desire to be HELD as you learn to amplify your message, fear be d*mned…


You’re waking up to the Universe’s most beautiful truth: You’ve ALWAYS been worthy.

By giving yourself permission and the tools to let go, you learn how to pursue your heart’s desires. 


To be the woman who’s sexy, silly, spiritual, and everything in-between. 

To be the woman confident in BOLDLY sharing herself freely

To be the woman who only says “YES” when it’s a wildly JUICY, lit-up “Yes”...


… because that’s how she creates her magical life. 

It’s time to shine your light.

Kara Hengle

“I took a good long look at myself and discovered that I am a fucking awesome, divine, badass woman and mother who can rise up like a Goddamn Phoenix from the ashes of a previous life to create a new more beautiful one for me and my son. I was able to/continue to bet on myself harder than ever before in my life.

You and a babe squad of women of wonderful, spiritual/witchy women will journey 6 months to strip away limiting beliefs, shut down self-sabotage, & finally DO THE DAMN THING.

In Soul Shine, it could manifest like this (these are actual results from your Soul Shine sisters)


🎉 Landing a dream job with soulmate clients and finally launching group programs successfully 

🎉 Healthy pregnancy after 2.5 years of infertility

🎉 An aligned, conscious lovers; sexual awakening, liberation + exploration 

🎉 Facing and triumphing over LIFELONG fears 

🎉 BIG abundance wins: unexpected promotions AND huge raises, refunds, $15k new income, $7k months 

🎉 Big freedom wins: buying a school bus + living on the road; a new home + international move to Mexico; solo hiking the Appalachian Trail; solo trips to Europe + month-long work sabbaticals

🎉 Passing coaching certification + admission to a new Masters program

🎉 A happier, more harmonious family, with thriving teenagers

🎉 Moving through difficulty (divorce, loss, and more) with ease, grace, and love 

🎉 And most of all.....UNWAVERING, unshakeable trust in themselves!


So, what is Soul Shine?

6 months + a squad of wondrous women making SH*FT happen. Designing your dreamiest life.

Becoming radiant and radically authentic 


Making SH*FT happen means building a deeply trusting relationship with the Universe -- while surrendering to the joy of the present moment.

I call it “Heaven meets Earth” for a reason. 


Each month, you’ll receive 1 virtual group coaching call, 1 masterclass, 1 embodiment ritual, and 1 guest expert session. 


Our coaching calls ain’t cut and dry, love. They harness the power of spiritual manifestation and witchy rituals PLUS some good ol’ grounded AF strategies. 


Want advice on how to finally get your business rolling or ask for that raise? 

On it, boo. I’ll drop all my knowledge. 


Need to figure out why there’s an energy block around welcoming new love into your life?

I’ve got a breathwork practice AND ritual coming your way. 


Ready to embody your most spiritual self in your day-to-day?

We’ll pair mindset and strategy journaling prompts to keep you on the path of being your most radically authentic self. 


Desiring support from your sisters on the daily?

We’ve got an online platform all our own, and weekly calls to hold you through it all.

Jumpstarting your best life doesn’t require jumping through a buncha hoops, love. 

In fact, simplicity is the key to your quantum leap.

“I finally understand what it means to live out my life in a way that makes me feel good every day. That is the whole point to our existence! To feel so good every day. And the teachings are very unique in this course (it goes well beyond the typical "how to manifest" advice). I learned so much and I really appreciate Anna that you bring in so many different sources of information, inspiration, and life changing practices!

Erika Rincon

Your big dreams aren't here to swallow you whole, love. They're here to lead you THROUGH your fears into

your new reality.

Soul Shine Mastermind will show you where to start – because deep down, your soul’s

always known where it wants to go. 


Here’s our journey:

Month 1: Ditching Doubt + Fear


You’ve answered the call to leap – now what? And how do you continue to soar once your feet have left the ground? Find what lies beneath your triggers, rewire your subconscious limiting beliefs, and feel your fears once and for all – so they never hold you back again! 

Ft. Radical Rest + Regulation, and the ultimate nervous system toolbox from Jill Booth-Clibborn, certified health coach, OG Soul Shine sister, mama of two rockstar teens, who is getting her Master’s in Aging. 


Month 2: Shadow Alchemy 


Time to turn shit into gold! Learn how to work with your shadow energy, and alchemize it into something beautiful. Expect deep healing from old wounds + integration of the wild, messy bits. The only way through is through, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw a dance party while it’s happening. Cue up your favorite playlist, boo. 

Ft. Dinavie Salazar, transformation doula and end-of-life midwife sharing her magic,  “Allowing Death to Make Life more Delicious”


Month 3: Complete Clarity + Total Trust 

Your #1 responsibility on these planes of existence? Showing up as a clear vessel. We’ll dive deep into how that directly translates to unshakeable confidence in yourself, your dreams, and your vision. You’ll learn tools to trust yourself so you’ve got a compass to guide you every step of the way. 

Ft. Cyclical Living Superpowers from Sara Bennett, certified Cycle Guide, yogini, badass boxer. She’s the one who solo hiked on the Appalachian Trail, and she is also a Soul Shine OG! 


Month 4: Rainbows, Butterflies, + Unicorns 

Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole who? We’ll go through my step-by-step process to live in soul magic wonderland + to become entirely IMPERVIOUS to the BS. Miracles abound in this crash course in ALL things manifestation, from the rainbow queen herself, yours truly. 

Ft. Spirit Guides + honing your intuition with Psychic Medium + Spiritual Mentor, Brittany Deigh. She is a new mama to baby Gaia! 


Month 5: Wildly Worthy 

You are one MAGICAL babe, and it’s time to own it. Own your power, ask for what you want, and take big, bold juicy action in the direction of your dreams! “Do less, receive more” never felt so good. 

Ft. The Power of Pleasure with Yoni Massage Practitioner, Trainer, and Creator of the Temple of She, Amy Towle. 


Month 6: You're the Damn Discoball 

Let’s boogie! Meet all parts of you, liberate your creativity, and unlock your VOICE! A discoball never stops shinin’, and neither will you. This month, you’ll learn how to glitter even brighter as you uplift your sisters and make your mark on the world.  Learn how to STAY shinin’ , uplift your sisters, and make your mark on the world. 

Ft. Erotic Expression with burlesque babe Blue Lightning

1 75 minute virtual group coaching call a month (valued at $3000) 

1 masterclass a month (valued at $2100) 

1 embodiment ritual a month (valued at $1500)

1 guest expert session monthly, including Cyclical Living, Spirit Guides + Intuition, Power of Pleasure, Radical Rest + Regulation, and more!  (valued at $2000)

Accountability, sisterhood, + new bffs (so priceless)

Online group support through Circle (valued at $600)

Access to my library of resources, journal prompts, wellness directory, meditations, yoga classes, affirmations (valued at $450)

Gift basket of spiritual goodies perfectly compliment your healing journey (valued at )

Luxury 3-day retreat with ecstatic dance, Goddess photoshoot + with masterclass from a model + confidence coach!

(valued at $2000)

Two 1:1s with Anna to use anytime throughout the program (valued at $1,000)

Here's all the magic you're getting:


$12,650 VALUE

And your price is 75% less. Payment plans are available. 

$5555 PIF


You really need to invest your energy into this course to make SHIFT happen. You have to be willing to put in the work and you have to believe that changing your life and your mindset is possible. That anything is possible. And it's completely worth the money investment, because the benefits are ultimately priceless in terms of learning how to live out your highest self every day.

- Erika Rincon

Who is a Soul Shine Woman?

She is DONE with self doubt + ready for a life of miracles


She’s not a total newbie to the inner work, AND she’s so ready to elevate to the next level of unshakeable self-confidence, spiritual mastery, + total trust 

She knows she's when she invests in herself, she gets back DIVINE dividends 

She’s experienced some tough shit in the past + 

she ain’t afraid of accountability, real talk, + being seen in alllll her hot mess gloriousness 


She’s claiming a life devoted to ease

She's READY to get out of her own way, align with her soul’s purpose,

and make room for all the delicious satisfaction, life-giving fulfillment, + bright-as-the-stars magic


Byproducts of Soul Shine Include...

Become impervious to the BS around you

Rising from the ashes of your former life like a damn phoenix

Fully knowing ANYTHING is possible for you

Want to see some testimonials?

“If you’re ready to have some big internal shifts, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this program. If you’re feeling ready to shed old habits/versions of yourself & rebirth into the person you want to become, this is for you! You’ll meet soul sisters that you wouldn’t have met otherwise across the country, and that is really special.”

- Brittany Landry


Women have a narrow window of existence in society. Not in Soul Shine. 

The world told you to be thick with a booty, but scrub away that cellulite. 

Shave everything, wear makeup, but only enough to still look “natural.”

Don’t be extra or needy, stop apologizing, stand up for yourself, men will be intimated by you,

be assertive, but don’t be a bitch. 

Be friendly, but not too flirty, or you’re a tease.

Be high-achieving, but not career obsessed, or you’ll miss out on having a family. 


Here, you have glorious space to undo the conditioning + truly excavate your authentic self,

let her soak up the spotlight, and be cheered on the entire way. 


Soul Shine gives women space to be all things:


A mother, a lover, a minx, an artist, a badass

loving fluffy hotel robes + so satisfied by a skinny-dip in the creek

super successful, super spiritual, and totally surrendered

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 8.18_edited.jpg

✨Meet Your Guest Queens!✨

And then, there's me.

Hello love! I'm Anna

I've been coaching brave folks like you for the last 7 years.


My online business is rooted in the values of love, authenticity, growth, + simplicity. 


I support spiritual women + badass babes like you in creating a life you're in LOVE with through manifestation, meditation, hypnosis, positive psychology, embodiment + goal-setting.


With me, you'll get a whole lotta energy ✨PLUS a grounded AF game-plan.

I'm the heaven-meets-earth coach of your damn dreams, and I'm so grateful you're here. 


Wondering when it's your turn? 

You’ll magnetize the support, the opportunities, the wellbeing, the fulfillment, the creativity, the pleasure, the service, the cashflow, ALL of it.


But... only if you decide that you get to. 


The Soul Shine 

IS NOT your average program

This is six months to becoming the most soulful, confident, authentic woman you know.


Let’s do this!

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