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“A million thank you’s to this woman who changed my life after I was having seizures and feeling totally hopeless. She’s taught me to love and forgive myself and how to be happy. If you even need a meditation teacher or life guidance, contact Anna.”

Lyssa, a private meditation student

“Anna is a true healer. She listens to where I am and how my body feels and responds with a uniquely crafted flow session that leaves me feeling lighter, calmer, and more open in my body.”

Liz, a private yoga student

Before I started working with Anna, I was hanging on to the rocket ship of life by the cracked gel nail polish on my fingernails. Now, after working with Anna, I am riding that rocket ship in hot pink, suede, rhinestone saddle that has been custom sculpted to the shape of my ass!

Lauren, a VIP coaching client


“Anna’s light..she reminds me to trust the universe, trust myself, and know life is abundant.”

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