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Busy Bee vs. Community

I saw a dead bee on my steering wheel. To be precise, it was right behind my steering wheel and I had absolutely no idea how it got there or when it got there.

Since I was a little girl, animals have communicated clearly with me through such obvious and apparent signs. And when the word COMMUNITY popped into my head just about a million times over the last couple of days, well, I knew it was trying to say something.

The bee is a perfect reminder of why we need community.

Fun fact: bees have different gene expressions & take on different responsibilities in the colony based on those gene expressions! Our individual strengths allow us to co-create. To find our wheelhouse, master it, & collaborate with others to let their strengths support our areas of growth.

Trust me, I love my independence. I loved being thought of as “busy” & hard working. I’m not knocking hard work, but to be completely honest, I’d much rather work SMARTER. I love to think I can do this or that on my own. I love shattering the idea of what’s possible. I love when people tell me I can’t do something! Bees also accomplish the impossible----for decades, scientists couldn’t figure out how bumblebees were able to fly with their tiny wings & fat bodies! But I’m not fooling myself. Even when I think, “I’ve done this or that,” I know it has only manifested with the vibrant support of friends, family, colleagues, guides, and the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

So, I’m laying to rest the busy bee & the facade of productivity. I’m becoming so judicious with my time and energy. And I’m leaning on & learning from & working with community.

How can you tap into community? Here are 3 easy ways to generate community.

  1. Start where you are. Your apartment complex, your gym/fitness studio, your neighborhood….these are all communities of full of people that are also longing for community! Can you be brave enough to bring people together?

  2. Get out of your comfort zone. There were times when I attended that event, or party, or class not knowing anyone else there…..and left with new friends & more confidence. It might feel uncomfortable at first, and that’s to be expected of anything NEW! It gets so much easier with practice. Often times, when I try something new, it allows me release any expectations of the outcome (and it’s great for your brain//neuroplasticity!).

  3. Be the change. If you don’t see any communities offering what you’d like, or in alignment with your values, start one! Remember, community can be 3 people meeting once a week. Book club, hiking, movie-watching, crystal-clearing…you get to create it! You don’t need money or tons of time; you do need to be willing to drop the excuses.

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