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How a Magic 8-ball Changed my Life

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

For my 24th birthday, my friend gave me a magic 8-ball as a gag gift. They said this might finally help me make some decisions.

And it absolutely did. I laughed it off in the moment, but secretly, I was fuming.

Not at them—they were just reflecting back to me a very real aspect of myself. I was mad at me.

How TRULY indecisive was I that my friends thought this was the answer?

How much power had I given away to the hands of others in my decision-making process?

And they were right.

I questioned everything. I second, triple-guessed myself. I couldn’t complete a text message or a restaurant order or my plans for the afternoon without asking my friends what to do.

I was the most indecisive person I knew. It wasn’t just giving me a headache….it was manifesting as crippling stomach pain, and slowly driving me mad.

That day I made a decision. I would train my intuition to listen to my gut, heal my tummy, and make me a decisive, thoughtful, POWERFUL woman.

It was a slow process.

I started with the little decisions. Time and time again, I had to pause in the moment, and instead of choosing to text four friends for their opinions, I tried listening to my inner voice. Soon, I had tuned my inner voice so I could at least recognize it. Then, I had to work on actually following it.

That was a whole different step.

Flash forward years later.

My relationship with my intuition is stronger than ever.

Chronic gut pain GONE.

I have full faith in my choices in my health, relationships, my business, my LIFE.

I have opened the realm of my clairaudience, clairsentience, and interspecies communication.

My intuition guides me, effortlessly, to exactly where I need to be.

No more waffling. No more outsourcing my decisions.

No more overanalyzing.

Just me, and my strong AF internal guidance system.

Now, I get to support my coaching clients in honing theirs.

Trust me, it’s a practice. And once you unlock it, there’s no going back!

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