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Why You’ve Been Weepy Lately…and Why It’s a Great Thing

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

It was a Sunday afternoon, and The Little Prince movie version had me WEEPING.

For someone who tends to struggle with being “crying constipated” (when you know you need to cry, but can’t seem to), the tears were welcome. I let it go and go.

Afterward, I felt a beautiful sense of clarity.

If you’ve been weepy lately for what seems like no reason, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I can’t express how many clients, friends, and followers have shared with me how much the tears have been flowing lately. Why is this?

A couple of reasons––while the world is just as chaotic as it has always been, you are likely experiencing the collective consciousness feeling of sadness, grief, and loss. For many of us, this is THE most intense time we’ve lived through in our lifetime (notice: it’s not the most intense time to be alive. Every era has had its major shifts, changes, wars, pandemics + plagues, transformations). This is a beautiful thing, as it is easy to become desensitized in the barrage of information that we receive. Allowing yourself the space to process and deeply feel is required for emotional wellbeing. You feel because you are compassionate and feel the deep connection to everyone and everything. Celebrate this, dear one.

Also, we are officially in Cancer season. Astrologically, Cancer is known for its sensitivity, often expressed through tears. Remember that tears do not equate to sadness! You can have all kinds of tears. They are simply one way that we feel deeply. And feeling deeply is a beautiful thing. If you’re in your feels, celebrate this. You are a connected feeling being, here on earth to experience the FULL spectrum of emotions. Deep depths, delightful heights, and everything in between. Another thing to celebrate! Aliveness!

Have you been feeling weepy lately? How have you been processing your emotions?

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